It's All a Matter of Perspective

Yesterday my youngest was home with the coughy crud that seems to be hitting hard and early this year. As we sat across from each other watching our 743rd episode of Lego Ninjago (are they humans or snakes? I still don’t know…) we ate our lunch.

As he ate his soup, with the box of crackers between us, he said

“These little crackers would be good with tomato soup, because that’s what the box shows.”

“No honey, that’s chili I said.”

“No. It is really red with. It’s tomato soup”

He was annoyed, that I thought he didn’t know what tomato soup was.

“Hon, chili is red too. It is lumpy and has beans but it is red.”


Now I’m thinking I need to make chili more often so this kid can identify what chili looks like!

“No, it is soup” he said with a finality I knew the discussion was over.

I grabbed the box of crunchy carby saltiness that is my absolute kryptonite.

I turned the box to reach in and saw …


We were both 100% right, but how would we have known what each others perspective was.

I believed I knew what he was seeing and was wrong. He knew what he was seeing and knew I was wrong.

And in fact, we were both correct.

How often do we truly think we know the perspective someone is coming from? But the reality, is we don’t. We know our own truth, our own path, our own reality. Even someone less than 5 feet away may be experiencing the world around them differently.

Choose grace,

choose kindness,

choose being happy instead of being right.

We can never really know through what perspective someone may be living.

Never Say Never

To the Seniors I photograph, if there was a piece of advice I could give you, it would be this: “never say never.”

I know most of you have your life planned out. It looks a little like this:


The reality, is in about 30 years, it may look something like this…. with more cats.


I don’t say this as an old crumudgeon, but more of a suggestion to listen for signs, for whispers.

There was one point in my life I said I would “never move to Valley City!”…. it has been 10 years now, And have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

I also Exclaimed emphatically “I am “Never going to Be a Professional Photographer!” Well… I’m going on about 5 years of that now, and the going is getting good…

Last night I got this message from a Senior’s Mom


It made me cry. For quite a while, and for a variety of reasons, I denied I had a gift.

But there came a point, after hearing a couple different sermons about “we are called to share our gifts,” some signs and some conversations, I gave in and gave it up to Him.

If you are not a religious person, I still say, listen… the Universe will send you signals. It usually whispers instead of taking neon billboards, but there will be signs. And they may lead you directly to the place or thing you said you would NEVER be or do.

And there will probably be more cats…

Beautiful Growth

Growth can be a funny thing. Sometimes it’s completely obvious, like when I try to put on shorts after a long brutal sub zero winter, only to discover that once again they have “shrunk.” Other times, it is so subtle I don’t notice it in the day to day… and then something will happen that will set me on my heels and say “WHOA!!”

During one of my Senior Sessions this summer, that is what I happened. I was reminded of how far I have come. I was reminded at how quickly time goes and those around us grow and change without us sometimes really noticing.

I have known Elizabeth since the Fall of 2014 when I took up Ballet. That spring had NOT been a good one for me, physically. I had a major physical set back and came out of it with a “life’s too short” attitude.

I decided at 40 that I would do something I had always wanted to do: Ballet.

Our class was originally 5 females: 3 adults and 2 teens.

(i.e one MATURE adult and the rest almost young enough to be my daughters…)

We were as they call it now the “OG.” In a twist of fate, I will photograph both of these young ladies senior images this year.

During this time in my life I adamantly expressed “I was not going to be a photographer.” But as I have come to realize, when you taunt God with YOUR plans that YOU are going to do, or not do… he laughs and laughs and laughs….

The Spring of 2015 Micaiah, the Ballet Instructor asked me to take images of the classes. I happily obliged, though I was still not a going to be a photographer. Here is Elizabeth as she has remained in my mind. Our sparkly, wonderful, carefree spirit, Elizabeth. There is truly no one like her and I have loved her through the years.


But sometime, when I wasn’t looking,

She grew up.

She is beautiful. She sparkles from a carefree confidence it has taken me almost 45 years to pretend to have. She is one of those people your life is better, having had her in it.

And I grew into my passion. After denying it and pushing it away for a long while, I came to terms with the fact God had given me a gift to use, and we are called to use our gifts. So I have. I’ve learned and grown and learned some more, and set my standards higher and higher… And sometimes I get to see just how far I have come.

I am so utterly grateful for being able to capture her then, and now, as she heads into her Senior Year.

Wherever life takes her, she will laugh and sparkle and dance.

That is just the Elizabeth way.



The Magic of the In-Between

This past weekend I had the privilege to be the candid photographer at a beautiful wedding. Professionally this means that I get all of the fun with about 90% less stress. I get to sit back and observe and wait for the magic to happen. Wedding photos are pretty planned out, scripted. But many times I can find magic in the unscripted.

Such is with life. We can plan and plan, but really, when we sit back and think about our life’s journey, hasn’t much of the magic happened when things went not as expected? I love waiting for the in-between moments.

They are images of true story telling.

This wedding was full of them!

I am sure I didn’t cry as much at my own wedding, but there was just SO.MUCH.LOVE. It was truly beautiful. Steph and Dylan, you two share something magical. Thank you for letting me be an observer to that Magic.



Then and Now!

One of the coolest aspects of my job is working with return clients.

Last year, I photographed this little beauty’s newborn photos. I LOVE newborn sessions!

There is just a short time period that they are that small, that sleepy, that…well… new.

They grow and change so much in the first few months, and when this precious time is documented in photographs, you can look back at just how much they have changed.




Fast forward 12 months and she is sitting,

almost walking

and all about


She loves her dinosaurs and yogurt melts!

It is so fun to see the change!

It is so rewarding to document the growth and change in my clients!

I am truly blessed!