Decorating Dilemma

Amidst the past 6 weeks of not being able to walk well, the downstairs bathroom was pulled apart and worked upon. This wasn't a "Hey! You don't have ENOUGH crap in your life happening, lets do construction" type thing. Here is the low-down. In typical chaos in motion fashion, the night before we were to leave for Las Vegas (in mid February) I hear a "HONEY!!! COME DOWN HERE!!" from the Good Doctor who had gone to the basment for our suitcases. (Because of course it was 10pm and we were just starting to pack... at 10pm... for a 7am flight....)

I ran downstairs to see a large puddle of water on the bathroom floor.  How dare our 20-something year old water heater decide to spring a leak NOW!!??  As overwhelming as this was, I WAS happy we were still home, and it didn't happen while we were on vacation, filling the basement with 80 gallons of water.

Since we needed a new water heater, I asked the plumber how hard it would be to move it into a closet that was down there, 
and if he was going to do that, he may as well put in a water softener,
and if he was going to do that, he may as well replumb the two pressure systems we have for our water, 
and if he was going to do that, he may as well put in a shower, 
and if he was going to do that, he may as well move the toilet too.  

Anyway this was all going on in the past 8 weeks, and I think I had been downstairs about twice in that time.  Trust me when I say, there laid a small amount of fear in just exactly what I would find in the basement, left to the hands of children, and adults with power tools.  Today, tired of the 3 year old carrying sawdust back up the stairs on his socks, I decided go down to sweep and clean up down there. I was wonderfully surprised with all the remodel work, not so much at the the fact the basement had regurgitated toys everywhere.   

When the plumber moved the toilet, he had to break up the concrete to move the lines and pour new concrete afterwards.  I was sweeping up and noticed that the cats inspected the concrete work, because of course they would.


So now I am left to wonder... I WAS going to do an industrial chic style in the new bathroom, but maybe I should go for cheetah print everywhere?? :)

or Cougar?

by Diane