Sometimes the best therapy for me is a slow walk around the yard with my camera.  I slow down to look, really look at what is around me.  This seemed to be the longest week ever and it is exactly what this late afternoon was calling me to do.  I think autumn (all four days that we get here in NoDak) may have finally settled in this week and I found myself surrounded by change. 

And yet I still find some delicate flowers.

There is so much change happening in the yard right now, and as I walked, I heard the Sanford Lifeflight helicopter pass over.  A stark reminder that at this moment,  someone's life was dramatically changing.

Even in though their colorful days have passed, I still find beauty in that which remains.

Withering. Fading.

As I round the yard, and hear the squeaking and thumping of the swing set as my oldest swings out his stresses.  I often wonder what secrets of my son that the swing set knows...

I hear a beckoning and stop to gather the minimal remains of the grapes and collect a handful of grape leaves.  Even Bill is changing. His dark, sleek, brown coat becoming much thicker and woollier. 

"Any more grapes?"

"Any more grapes?"

Change.. It is inevitable isn't it? And sometimes so very scary.  But yet it can be beautiful if you really stop to look at it. 


Things are not what they were.

But that doesn't mean they are less, worse, bad. 

Everything has value.

Beauty even. 

And thank you nature for reminding me of this.