Life is what happens....

I have a beautiful friend

who recently dropped the bomb that she and her family were moving.  After the room stopped spinning and I could again exhale, she went on to explain that they needed to move to a larger city for services for their son.  See, they had recently come to terms with the fact that their beautiful brown-eyed boy has


She changed the subject to me and my life, asking how things were going for me, and after a few monosyllabic answers, my intuitive friend asked "What is going on in your head?"

I looked up at her from my chair, eyes brimming with tears and said

"I am SO ANGRY for you! You did EVERYTHING right. EVERYTHING! And still...."

And she had.  Organic foods, spaced immunization, forgoing all pain meds (God bless her!) during her labor and delivery.  If it was suggested, she had done it. She had taken all precautions and yet here were were, almost two years later... They had watched their adorable, snugly boy become almost completely nonverbal.


Was this some sick joke of the universe?

And so I cried. And she cried. And we hugged. and we just gave over the moment, the reality to God.

It was one of those times where there is nothing to say.  Everything sounds trite.  There are only tears and hugs and love.  There is no understanding or uncovering the "why?"  There is just acceptance and faith. And love. 

A whole lot of Love.

If you don't know where this quote is from, watch  this :

If you don't know where this quote is from, watch this: