Cousins! A Spring Photo Shoot

My friend Heather asked me to take photos of her kids and niece recently.  We were granted a gorgeous, rare in these parts, sunny spring day (We don't really "do" spring in NoDak) and though it was a bit sloppy out, the kids and I had a blast taking photos!  I even got a little muddy and wet laying down in the muck to "get the shot" which got some giggles.  

Heather and I are members of a crummy club and she really wanted to bring the memory of her Mom into these photos.  I suggested shoes or an article of clothing.  She found the perfect piece in a green hooded sweater.  The color played beautifully with the girls eyes and the surrounding landscape.  Hung on the back of the chair, it was a simple reminder to her son that she is always with him.

Thank you Heather for asking me to do this!  You have no idea the sense of peace and purpose it brings to me!