Love, Joy & Happiness

We had Rally in the Valley a couple weeks ago. It is the time of year that our small Mayberry-esk town explodes with people.  Any class that is having a reunion, will be having it this weekend. There is a parade and car show and bad-for-you-but-taste-so-good food vendors.  It is one of the highlight of the summer around these parts.

Susan, who has known my Hubby forever, back to the time when the Valley City HiLiners wore baby blue, contacted me to take some family photos.  Her brother and his family was back for his reunion and they wanted to take the opportunity to capture some photos together.  Despite the mosquitoes, the weather cooperated and I was sure we got some great shots!


And then as I was editing I came upon one of those rare shots that just takes my breath away. I literally sit and stare in awe.  It was a photo that captured pure emotion, and in this particular case, JOY. 

A Dad and his daughter.

Love, Joy, and Happiness.

It just oozed off the image.  And it was in this photo that I was reminded why I SO love what I do. To be able to capture this tiny moment that tells a huge story!   Thank you Susan and Family for the privilege to photograph your beautiful families!!