A year later...

Many times I will hear from prospective clients, “I want to lose 10 pounds first,


I hate the way I look in photos, so I don’t really want to take them.”

But you NEED TO.

People! There are no promises.

There are no guarantees.

We all think we have tomorrow or there will be a next time.

But there isn’t always a next time.

I can not describe the emotion I felt today photographing this family.

Who knew last year, that this years photos would look so much different.

Don’t wait.

Swenson Family, 2017

Swenson Family, 2017

Swenson Family, 2018

Swenson Family, 2018

THANK YOU Swenson family for entrusting me to tell your story.



Brotherly Love: A year later

One of the the things I love most is doing repeat clients, and seeing the growth and changes that have occurred!  I photographed this beautiful boys last year when the little guy was just a few weeks old.  Now they are both active and fast moving little guys! I had a blast! Thank you Kasey for giving me the privilege of photographing your boys!!!

Last year

Last year

This year!

This year!

Last year

Last year

This year!

This year!

Easter Weekend Shoot

I had the privilege to photograph this wonderful family over Easter weekend! They had not had family photos done for several years. I loved the vibrant colors they wore and they were fun to work with!! I love how the images turned out!!  Enjoy!

Gigglefest Photos

I have known both of these two monkeys since they were each born, and they have kept their parents hopping since they arrived.  They are not far apart in age, or antics and boy did we have some giggles during this shoot! Mom and Dad are such awesome people and I am so happy to call them friends! 

I love the blue/turquoise tones Mom picked for their photos! The colors popped wonderfully!

Seriously, could these two be any cuter!?!?!

A Family Session at the Park

This was such a fun family to photograph! Wendi was my daughter's teacher and I just learned will be my son's starting next week! I am excited he will have such an awesome instructor and hopes she will like learning about the Titanic!

The colors they chose to wear for their large family shoot just popped off the greenery of the park!  I love how bright and colorful the resulting photos were.

The Momma of the boys... someone needs to buy her a pedicure, or a massage, or this shirt!

They were super fun to work with and made me laugh at their antics!  I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to record their time together here, as a family!