Lessons from The Intention Project

I'm currently in the 170's range of 365 days of daily shooting.  If you are new or not sure of the "rules" I set for myself, I have to go out and shoot everyday. There is no stockpiling or saving images to be posted later. Every day I have to shoot, edit, and then post a photo and some words. I have learned so much through this process (like how to be creative in finding a wifi signal when I don't have one :) 

I would imagine, just as a painter learns their brushes or a chef their knives, I have become so comfortable with my camera and its settings.  It required blowing some dust off 25 year old knowledge that was in the recesses of my brain, but it has been so rewarding to play with my camera, and play with light.  Below are 4 images shot along the same field of grass.  Depending on the settings I used, the photos look incredibly different.  These are all unedited images, looking as I shot, and intended them to look.  Getting these different looks all depends on the combination of settings I choose to use, and the look I am going for.

I truly hope you are enjoying my photos.  This is my passion and I am thoroughly enjoying the growth I am feeling as I continue to shoot!