Love Wins

Last week I was asked to be a little sneaky and covert.  Since the alternative to the offer would consist of losing battle to 52 loads of laundry I totally agreed to a little scheming and deception for a good cause.

I have known Bryan since my freshman year of high school.  Alphabetically, he sat behind me in several classes. And if I dig deep in the recesses of my brain, I may have had a crush on him for 36 seconds in high school.  Imagine my shock when a few years ago I wandered into the post office of my Mayberry town and saw him behind the counter!


It took him a second to recognize me (probably because of the hair) but then he realized who I was.  I hadn't been in town long and it was nice to see an old familiar face.

I met Penny my freshman year when I became a Hockey Cheerleader. She was a year older and so very friendly and sweet to a terrified, insecure freshman.   Her family owned the Dairy Queen in the mall of my hometown and in the hierarchy of high school, she didn't have to even acknowledge me as I wandered the food court, but she always did.  She was genuinely kind.  

As life sometimes happens, chapters closed for them both, and then new chapters began.  They are resolute in their belief that God brought them through their individual struggles and then eventually together. And the time had arrived for Bryan to propose.

Here is where I come in.

There was a place in Fargo that was special to them, and some assistance was needed to facilitate the question-popping.  And, there were photos that needed to be taken.  With the wind whipping and a few raindrops spitting, I bundled into my long coat, beanie and hood and blended into the indigent population that unfortunately can be seen in downtown Fargo.  As they arrived at their place, I exited a building and started snapping photos.  The affection and emotion they felt for each other was clearly visible and it made my heart smile. 

He asked.

She said yes. 

And love wins again.

Congratulations you two, and I am SO incredibly blessed to be asked to help this happen! I wish you all the love and happiness in your future together!

                        For HE knows the plans he has for you.

                        For HE knows the plans he has for you.