The Intention Project

365 Days: 2017

A photo & thoughts. Every Day.  For one year.

January 2, 2017

A lesson in observation... or maybe lack thereof.  The Christmas tree, which has stood in our living room since shortly after Thanksgiving, was stripped of its glory today.  As I sat in the kitchen working on something, my kids yelled "THERE'S A NEST IN THE TREE!!" Internally, I was throwing the BS flag... but eventually meandered into the living room, and there it stealthily sat.  Cuddled up to the trunk, about midway up the tree, the downy cotton filled nest was perched.  It had survived the falling of the tree, the transport to the nursery, the ride to our home, the decorating and our cats.  How many things in life go unnoticed... passed by for days on end?  How many things are just waiting for us to stop, pause and observe?