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365 Days: 2017

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June 25, 2017

Day 176

Day 176

Though he has had his pilots license over 20 years, life and med school and babies put the brakes on my Hubby flying much. But recently, he has started flying again, and we end up in some off-the-beaten-path places, like this hangar in Wall, SD.

Dave, the experienced airport manager (who I Googled and found was at one time the Mayor)  was incredibly kind and arrived on a 1970's motorcycle to fuel the plane.  He and my Dave chatted aviation as I wandered and noticed his meticulously organized hangar. The wall was filled with every screw, nut, washer and do-dad that could ever be needed, for probably any era plane. 

The aviation community is amazing... when Dave apologized for not accepting credit cards for fuel, he just suggested we mail him a check.  This was after giving us a couple of free flashlights and advice on his choice of a 6-seated plane.  The people involved in these small operations are always more than willing to help out, give a ride or tell you where to find the best food in town.