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365 Days: 2017

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March 6, 2017

Day 65

Day 65

Today's word is "Strength."

Their love is 60 years strong.  I ran into Doug and Vi at the Winter Show chili-cookoff.

Within minutes, I learned he bought a used tractor instead of a new car after the war. She worked as a nurse in Denver and Chicago. They first attended the Winter Show in 1950 and listened to Peggy Lee... and it cost $1. He thinks she may have paid her own way. She made him wait 7 years to marry her... I'm not sure if that was related to that $1 or not....

Throughout the brief conversation he would gently touch her shoulder, she would hold his hand. Their gazes to each other were something you usually see in the first 6 months of a relationship, not in the 60th year. 

To witness an enduring love so strong was a true gift to me today.