The Shining Light of Tamie!

I do not really believe in coincidences.  I believe that those moments we call coincidences are actually divine moments.  I have been lead to that moment, to experience an "ah ha!" that God wants me to experience.  One of my last shoots was one of those times.

I have known of/about Tamie since we moved to our community a little over 6 years ago.  The reality is everyone pretty much knows everyone, right? :) Recently she has embarked on a new adventure with her businessEnergetics Wellness, where she performs Life Coaching, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.  Oh, this is in addition to a full time Nursing career!  During our shoot we talked about how we both came around to things that had always been part of us.  She eventually came back to her passion of holistic and alternative health, and I came back to my passion for photography.  For us both, it was just out there waiting for us to come back.

In our conversations, Tamie said some things that I have been needing to hear for a while.  Some things that she would have never known I had needed to hear, but she was drawn to speak.  And for that, her, I couldn't be more grateful!

Tamie, thank you for letting me capture your beauty that shines brightly! Your pictures show a woman who is living the life she loves, and loves the life she lives!