Natural Beauty

One of the privileges I have as a photographer, is I get to know people.  I mean I REALLY get to know my clients' faces.  When I zoom in 300% while edit, Nothing hides.  I see everything. I see scars, and wonder the story behind them.  I notice that maybe their eyes are slightly different color.  I see see moles, and scan them for irregular edges (the nurse in me just can't die...)

What I always see, that many clients can't, or won't, is beauty. It is not the beauty of the mass media telling us what beauty is, it is the beauty of story, of Life.  I consider it truly an honor when clients choose me to document them.  I first photographed this woman for her senior photos. She is in college now, and all her images were done completely natural. Not a stitch of makeup.  Sure, I removed a couple blemishes, but this is her pretty much raw.